Chain Puppet
O.T. has Milcah Halili wrapped around his finger, and chains wrapped all around their body. They start out in a cute little green dress and beige high heels, bound with shackles so their legs are spread and their arms locked tightly behind them. They have a bit gag in their mouth and a look of fear on their face, probably for good reason. O.T. spends a little time getting a feel for their body by poking and prodding it with a BBQ skewer before he really gets to work.

He turns Milcah upside down and shackles their ankles in place so that their ass is sticking straight up in the air, and their head is below their knees in a collar. They kneel there on the box, unable to move, as O.T. canes up and down their thighs and ass. They wince with each strike, as their skin begins to turn colors and there are purple and red lines up and down the backs of their legs and ass. He uses a variety of different width and material canes, finding out which kind gets the best reaction. Then he sticks a metal butt plug in their ass and starts moving it around inside of them as he uses a hitachi to vibrate their pussy.

Then he flips Milcah back onto their back so he has better access to their other hole. He slides a metal pussy hook inside her and starts pumping away at it, fucking her as once again he takes out the hitachi and places it right on her clit. Cum is pouring out of her pussy as it gets fucked, it's almost too much for her to take. O.T. doesn't want to overwhelm her with pleasure, so hes stands her up and chains her wrists to the ceiling so he can whip her tits and face.
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