Tasty Part 2
Abigail Dupree realtimebondage 2021-03-16 24.99 credits Buy Movie
Abigail Dupree is about to experience a new kind of torment like she never has before. She is used to having her handlers focus on parts of her body like her ass, her tits, or her feet. But today we have something else in mind. We would like to focus on her lovely hands.

We sit Abigail down in a wooden chair and place her hands on a board. We then proceed to clamp the tip of each of her fingers down to the board. Abigail describes the pain as having her hands frozen and then run under hot water. We've all felt that pain and we want to make the experience at least a little bit more fun for her, so we take out the hitachi vibrator and start playing with her pussy. Now Abigail is so overcome by the combination of pleasure and pain and the tears start streaming down her cheeks. And there is only one thing to do when a model is overwhelmed to the point of tears: add another torment.

Abigail Dupree is laid on the ground with her wrists and ankles tied in rope and a ring gag holding her mouth open. One of our female handlers then tells her to stick her tongue out and attaches a clamp to the end of it so that it stays there. Then she starts painting Abigail's tongue with layers of wasabi and hot sauce. With her tongue stuck out she has no way to clean it, and all that is left for her to do is lie there and let it burn.
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