Freshly Chained
Mandy Muse infernalrestraints 2014-06-06 19.99 credits Buy Movie
Holy shit. We found ourselves a certified bondage newbie and we're going to take full advantage of her. Mandy Muse likes to be submissive, she likes to feel taken advantage of, but when we asked her what kind of experience she had with BDSM we were not expecting her answer to be “none.” Look at her! She's hot! Young, fit, sexy, and willing? How we got our hands on a prize this sweet is beyond us. The bondage gods must love us.

Most people would probably be gentle with fresh meat. After all, you don't want to break a toy before you've had a chance to really play with it. Fuck that. Mandy said she likes the idea of bondage so we're going to give her the full experience. If she wanted to be handled with kid gloves she would have gone somewhere else. Even a newbie knows that you only come to us for the most intense and sadistic BDSM.

Zipper clips, whips, metal dildos, and vibrators; this isn't what she is used to, that's for sure. Well, they say variety is the spice of life and Mandy tells us that this is one of the hottest times, and some of the best orgasms, that she's ever had. She loved being shackled down and used so much that there wasn't a second's hesitation out of her when we asked her to come back and get tied up for, too. She may not have had much experience with the kinky life before but we've turned this girl into a devotee.
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