Bondage Therapy
Elise Graves Jack Hammer hardtied 2014-10-22 16.99 credits Buy Movie
This patient, Elise Graves, is particularly troubled. She needs some of the most intense bondage therapy I have ever given. Elise is a sex addict, a nymphomaniac. Her life is constant stream of new partners and an ever increasing desire for more intense sexual experiences. They only way to keep her sane is to provide her with the perfect encounter. I will need to push her far enough that she doesn't consider this entire treatment a tease, but I can't risk giving her too much or it will just trigger her to look for another level of rough play.

What I don't anticipate is how much I will enjoy our time together. The way she moves under my flogger and whip, the little moans and screams that come out of her, everything about her fills me with a desire to take things further. It isn't long before I have abandoned the idea of rehabilitating her. I've untied her from the chair I used to wheel her in and rebound her in a position more conducive to our new purpose. I'm no longer worried about taking things too far, there's no such thing. I ram 10 inches of cock down her throat and I know the truth: she is going to need a lot more therapy.
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