[Archive] Inspecting London
London River Rain DeGrey topgrl 2015-05-04 9.99 credits Buy Movie
Poor poor London River. All she is trying to get is get through her day and do her job. Sure, being a building inspector is not the most glamorous job in the world, but there are worse ways to make a living. Everything was fine...until the day she knocked on the wrong door.

As it turns out, Rain DeGrey is not in the mood for nosy inspectors complaining about building violations. London is rather abruptly invited in to discuss the issue further. The way that Rain has to discuss issues is unusual, to say the least.

They involve punishing bondage, challenging drooling deepthroat and vicious assfucking. There is no mercy. There is only pain and plentiful orgasms. London is blessed, or is it cursed, with an unusually sensitive pussy and orgasms just destroy her. She is blasted into sexual subspace, completely undone and dazed as her eyes glass over.

The finishing touch is a brutal assfucking with her arms cranked high into a strappado. When Rain is done, she shoves the list of building violations into London's gasping mouth. Something tells us London is going to be a bit more careful about which doors she knocks on in the future...
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