Turkish Twister part 1
Turkish Twister is what she is in.
Ever wonder what it would be like to own your very own human property? What would you fill your day with? What would you do when you got bored and wanted a bit of entertainment? slave abigail dreads those days when she can hear her Master at work in his workshop...grinding away at some new device he has brilliantly designed for his play thing. This time he was fabricating a device to test the limits of His slaves twistabilities... because one must know, of course, just how far is the body able to be twisted before excruciating pain is rendered? At first glance, abigail finds this new device to look quite inviting compared to the confined spaces of the bird cage which she has endured through the cold dark night. She was quite mistaken and only hopes that her Master is in the mood to see her in some sort of pleasure after all of this. After slave abigail is woken up with a stick in her bird cage from her Master, she undergoes some harsh treatment in various awkward bound positions. Though she had good aim while peeing into a bucket from her cage, she still had a small mess to clean while in straps of leather and steel.
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