Insatiable Ass Part 1
Ashley Lane realtimebondage 2016-06-18 18.99 credits Buy Movie
Ashley Lane is pretty scared coming in to have a private session with us, and not without reason. We asked her whether she liked pain or humiliation and she said pain, so we'll give her a little of what she wants and a lot of what we want. She starts out giggling and having a snack and keeps giggling when we get her hogtied on the floor. But her laughter won't last long.

She was rude to one of our viewers when we started, and we are going to make her pay for that. We set her up in the racks with her tits exposed and her legs spread for easy access, and then the fun starts. We wrap and snap at her head with rubber bands and cover her body with clothespins until she is crying from the humiliation as much as the pain. We go to work on her with the most powerful vibrator we have and she starts screaming. It's hard to tell whether it makes it better or worse for her, but who cares? We like it just fine.
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