All Grown Up Part 2
Elizabeth Thorn has been locked down all day by OT. She used to tease him when they were younger, but now she's visiting her friend, Delirious Hunter at the farm and something about OT has changed. She made the mistake of offering herself to him without finding out how he was going to use her. Now she wishes she had a chance to take it back.

Delirious is looking for her, Elizabeth can hear her asking all of the wrong questions. She thinks her friend left without warning, but while she's fretting over how Elizabeth could be rude enough to leave without saying good-bye, she is stuck under the floor boards, bound and gagged.

There is more that Elizabeth doesn't know. She thinks that Delirious is going to help her when she finally finds her. That's not the way this works. Delirious has been delivering her hot friends to OT for a while now. The only reason she is mad is that OT lied to her to keep Elizabeth all to himself. Once he starts to share all of that is forgotten and Elizabeth has double the devious doms to deal with.
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