Headless Hunter Part 2
We're going to have to ask Delirious Hunter, after this is all over, which part of this treatment was the worst for her. Having her head locked in a box can't be pleasant. It makes her screams echo back into her ears whenever the cane comes down on her ass, thighs or calves.

Then again, having her head free doesn't do her much good if she is shackled down. Her legs are attached to a spreader bar so her pussy is wide open and exposed. She can see everything coming but it doesn't mean that she can avoid it.

Fire play. That's the thing she wishes she could get away from. Flames under her feet are incredibly uncomfortable, but when we start teasing her with fireballs around her pussy, that's when she really decides she doesn't like this game anymore. But like we said, just because she can see it coming, doesn't mean that she can avoid it.
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