The Art of Suffering
Suffering is almost as much of an art form as causing pain. It takes a level of perseverance that most people can't manage. Syren De Mer, though, is not just some bitch off the street. She is an eye-popping beauty with a sexy submissive streak. She makes an offering of herself with every act of suffering, showing what it means to not just be into BDSM, but to really love it.

Whether Syren is screaming, crying, or moaning, if she is being hurt she is on the edge of orgasm. She can't help herself. The caning may make her feet or calves feel like they are on fire, but that warmth quickly spreads to her hungry pussy and sensitive clit. Add one vibrator to the mix and she is exploding with orgasms. Add a furious fingering and she is gushing like a geyser, too.
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