Sisal Predicament
slave abigail draws you in completely with her suffering. She shifts the seemingly increasing weight of her svelte body back and forth with moans of muscular fatigue. To relieve the burden of her weight from her legs would mean that she would transfer the weight of the burden to her head and neck that is securely fastened in the wooden stocks.
Master James gives you a complete view of how he put His slave into this predicament, pulling you into the scene as if you were right there. It's all about endurance and fearful anticipation as the flame dances closer and closer to the sisal twine that weaves through a maze of pulleys ending at the clothespins attached to abigail's nipples and labia.
She is running out of time. Master James puts slave abigail in yet another predicament with fire and sisal string attached to clothes pins on her nipples and pussy. A terror, a long anticipation for the excitement of the possibility that her lady parts maybe pulled off. - She is running out of time.
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