Back for More Part 2
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Nikki Darling stunned our staff at first when she came back for a second live feed on Real Time Bondage. Being completely used for hours on end by a crew of merciless handlers who are being advised by some of the sickest minds on the internet, our loyal viewers, is no easy task. And now, in her second installment, you can really see just how much it takes out of a girl. When we return to her she is sitting on the floor looking exhausted. Our staff doesn't know how much more the poor girl can take, but it is our job to find out.

O.T. puts Nikki on top of the cage of Milcah Halili, who only gets to watch and doesn't get to play. He ties Nikki's hands behind her back into a strappado, which he then ties to a rope around her neck, so that every time her arms get tired and she lowers them, she has to choke herself. Our girl is a little overzealous though, and leans into it, lowering her arms intentionally as O.T. vibrates her pussy and punches her stomach. In no time at all she is in tears and cumming hard and loud against the hitachi.

Then our handlers move Nikki so that she is sat in mid air, held up by her two legs which are spread and cuffed to wooden posts on either side of her. A collar around her neck is attached to a chain leash which pulls it up just a little too high so she is being perpetually lightly choked. Her arms are bent behind her over a wooden pole and tied in place. Now the handlers have free reign to interrogate her, vibrating or caning her harder when she talks back or gives an answer they don't like.
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