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For the bondage enthusiast it's not about what is done to the subject. It's not about caning, flogging, whipping, slapping, punching. It's about the torment of the bondage itself. It's about the strain in the muscles as the subject twists and struggles in the bondage. It's about the moans muffled through the gags. It's about the drool that inevitably escape's the subject's mouth. The bondage is a medium to expose the inner beauty that is suffering. Through bondage we can see the subject freed in many ways.

Inspired by ROOK-07 these six bondage positions take London to an intense place of suffering. Each one makes her sore in a different way. From intense strappado, to category 5 suspension, to incredible back arching London proves she is a bondage goddess. The sounds and struggles London makes are the things of bondage wet dreams.
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