Rosebud Porn Tasty Vore EroFM-008
If you are offended by deviant sex acts practices, sexual slang or violence, please do not read the following transcript.

Warning! Sexually disturbing slow motion videos from edited with dubbed over old audio interviews of clinically insane audio facts in delusional psychosis, schizophrenia or criminal insanity created as an artistic collage

EroFM is a succession of artistic videos glorifying Female Masturbation, Pornosexuality and Clinical Delusions for continuous visual stimulation. Disturbing Sexual Slow Motion Video, Dark Fantasies Dubbed over auto with interviews of the clinically insane.

Inferno is the abode of Satan and the coercion of evil where sinners suffer eternal punishment. Nether region infernal region pit red region mythical place Tartarus imaginary place Hell perdition fictitious place Gehenna hellfire.

This video is of a hooded female slave in black with bound tits, playing with her horny asshole. She pushes so hard that her asshole prolapse becomes large, ready to orgasm at any time. This is edited in slow motion with the dubbed over audio confession interview of Kevin Ray Underwood the day he was arrested. His mind was so far gone that his immature sexual fantasies started to include the want to taste and eat people. A bit of a slave intro from David Parker Ray, also known as the Toy-Box Killer.

Masturbation is fundamentally necessary for earthly happiness. Self pleasure is healthy and necessary to maintain hormone levels. The act in and of itself is pleasing to watch and participate in at any time of the day or night. - A Healthy Compulsive Masturbation which has become a wise replacement for daily actives in life, such as school, rest, work, relationships and more.

- HCM - Healthy Compulsive Masturbation - Caution - Consult your doctor as there maybe healthy side affects that could bring the leading cause to a healthy long life. Side affects may include better health, lack of depression, memory retention, lack of depression, self confidence, happiness and success in most things that others say you cannot do.

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