Dolcett Daughter Begging to be Roasted
Abigail Dupree sensualpain 2020-03-18 14.99 credits Buy Movie
Another Dolcett Perverted Rolplay - There is an upcoming roasting ceremony and I have been waiting for this moment and preparing myself for the spit. I talked to the board and found out that my name hadn't even been entered into the drawing so I was quite upset with Papa. I call Him to talk with Him about perhaps changing His mind. After all, He said I would be ready by the time I was 18 and my 19th year was fast approaching. I was prepared to do anything to change His mind. I slather my sumptuous body in oil and slowly drag my hunting knife across the most tender bits to get Papa salivating for my flesh. He tells me that He didn't enter my name in the drawing because He still need to breed me. I beg of Him to breed me quickly if He insists but that I really would rather not taint my body with child bearing. My selfishness and impatience causes me to offer my body for sacrifice while His seed is still growing inside of me. What would be sweeter than the taste of human veal? But He insists that my stock would be too precious to waste on His tongue and that he must have a child of mine to continue the blood line. I continue to try and make Him change His mind as I slather my body with the hot oil and come ever so close to slicing my beautiful flesh for Him. I begin to tenderize my hungry pussy and ass from the inside as my body writhes in ecstasy. Finally I am able to convince Him to let me prepare Him a meal for His return this evening where He will give me His seed for my fertile womb. I slowly slice each nipple from my breast and muster up the courage to cut off my delicate clit... the bane of my existence. It will be the perfect meal for Him. Come home soon Papa... I'm ready for You.

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