Hot Twat Pillory
Abigail Annalee Master James 2018-11-18 14.99 credits Buy Movie
This sex slave 779 loves to be Dominated and used for another's entertainment. Master James puts her in bondage device called the vertical pillory, feet and hands restrained as the the huge ass plugs acts as a judaswiege, stretching that twat to be nice and sore for the torments to come.

The atmosphere is charged with wonder, screams and pleas for mercy as she cums so hard that she almost leaves her body behind, slung into the heavens with ultimate pleasure. Her Master sends her to be trained in submission, masochism, discipline and a cum slut ready to orgasm in a moments notice. Well, that is just what she does here as the fucking machine pumps that slut slave twat at a shocking rate, screaming for permission to cum at the top of her lungs. Not many sex slaves reach this level of pain⁄pleasure when positioned in some of the most fucked up predicaments like this one. A must see!

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