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The advanced training continues for slave 465. A loving Master that is stern and objective to the slave is a goal worthy of notability to achieve in the life of the slave serving the Master. This is not a technique or philosophy of "breaking" another person or the forced training for slaves.
Consensual non-consent in training is a way to open doors to the submissive masochistic type person and to give access to their own ego, to recognize existing potentials, to activate them and to develop them as supporting elements of a real life basis in Master⁄slave relations. It Involves applying reinforcement or punishment after a behavior and focuses on strengthening or weakening voluntary behaviors. Here applied by training the slave, the sex slave training has this foundational conditioning concept as a corner stone in discipline and the removal of previous self identity.
Here the slave is fettered and tethered to a pole for inspection, pain and to relinquish service by the painful cane as well as oral and genital sex while both restrained and not. This slave has accomplished this part of the advanced training and is recommended to proceed further. Master James

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