[Archive] I Choose You
I love Hazel's suffering.

Hazel gets it. She agrees that bondage is hilarious. Suffering is soothing. Pain is pleasure.

When Hazel reaches the "oh shit" zone, she transitions from squeals to knowing laughter. It's then that she realizes her situation is fucked up. She gets the humor. The pure ridiculousness of this picture becomes clear to her: A girl in bondage hanging by her ankles with a taped up face and exposed ass and breasts. She is fucked. And she knows it. And she loves it.

I like those who see the comedy. Life is hilarious. And there is no reason to not indulge in it further. Hazel knows this and lives by this. She laughs when she's hurt. She cries when she orgasms. She gets it.

I choose Hazel first, because I love the way she suffers. Its not a particular action she makes, or the many sounds she sings. It's her ability to see her tied-up self clearly.

Whether she yelps or growls, Hazel means what she says when she's suffering. When in bondage, Hazel can see her situation for what it is - untainted by any filter. With this clarity, she is confidant she can handle anything that comes her way. Most people can't see that, but she can. I love Hazel's suffering. I love the ways in which she suffers. All her ways. She gets it.

I choose her first.
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