Alyssa Lynn hardtied 2017-04-12 16.99 credits Buy Movie
Alyssa Lynn has one of the craziest pairs of tits anyone on our staff or elsewhere has ever seen. They stick out a solid nine inches from her tiny little rib cage and it's honestly a miracle her petite frame can hold them up at all. And Matt Williams is so excited to get his hands on them.

Alyssa's breasts may not be the focus of all of Matt's torment today, but they are absolutely the focal point of their time together, and Matt would like to make that very clear. After getting her undressed, one of the first thing he does to Alyssa is tie her tits off in a rope harness so that they look even rounder and bigger than they usually would.

He ties her ankles and spreads her legs so that her pussy is exposed. Then he drills a pole into the ground, a dildo and a hitachi taped to the end of it. Matt sticks the tip of the dildo inside her and pushes the hitachi up against her clit. Since she's strapped down there's nothing she can do to move away from the sensation as he begins to flog her tits and covers her face with a plastic bag so she can't breathe.
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