Hybristophilia: Transporter episode 2
Hazel Hypnotic renderfiend 2018-08-06 19.99 credits Buy Movie
OT monitors Hazel’s dalliance with the Janitor, and decides she is no longer worthy of the comforts of the cage. She is confined to the cold cement floor. Her toes and thumbs bent back to the shackles. Her arms and legs hogtied to the Pear locked in her cunt. OT canes the soles of her feet and covers her with a single tail whipping. She is prepared for her departure to the farm as she stares down into the swirling wormhole of water.
arms     cage     cold cement floor     comfort     cunt     dalliance     departure     farm     feet     janitor     legs     ot cane     pear     shackle     single tail whipping     sol     swirling wormhole     thumbs     wormhole of water     
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