Ruined Orgasm
Jacey Jinx hardtied 2019-06-19 16.99 credits Buy Movie
Orgasms are one of the most pleasurable sensations one can have. The build up to an orgasm is exciting because your body knows that it is going to release. When stimulation is removed at the moment of "no return" the orgasm is not pleasurable at all or in fact physically painful.

For Jacey the concept is extremely arousing, but there in lies the conundrum. As excited as she is each time she begins to have an orgasm the stimulation is pulled away. Over and over each orgasm is ruined. Each time she thinks she is going to get it her hopes are stomped upon.

Poor Jacey opened up about her fantasies and now she regrets it. It's the very definition of be careful what you wish for. She's down right angry about having over a dozen of her orgasms including squirting orgasms completely destroyed.
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