Tease Toy
Mia Gold hardtied 2014-02-19 16.99 credits Buy Movie
Mia Gold showed up on my door step with a love of bondage and banging body. Who am I to pass on a gift like that? Look at her! She has tight tits, a great ass, and honestly, a face that is made for slapping.

Speaking of her tits, I have these suction cups that are perfect for her. I use them to pump up her nipples until the sensitivity is at its maximum. She doesn't notice it right away but as the skin is drawn in by the suction it amplifies every sensation. The same thing is going to happen when I apply another cup to her pussy.

I don't know if it's the nipple clamps, the rope gag, or the incredible feeling of having her pussy pumped, but it is clear that Mia is horny. Her cunt is so hot and wet that the suction cup starts to fog up.

Her clit is going to get the same treatment her nipples did, though. As soon as I take the cup away from her crotch I apply a set of clamps. It is another tried and true method of increasing sensitivity. A spreader bar keeps her legs apart so that I don't have to worry about her trying to defend herself. It lets me control exactly how much teasing she experiences. I leave my little celebrator buzzing away between her legs, knowing that she is already sore and sensitive from the pumps, clamps, and orgasms that she's already endured.

She should be thankful that I started with the small one. Once the Hitachi comes out things get a lot more intense for Mia. It's the most powerful hand held vibrator you'll find and she is already worn out before it even makes contact with her clit. It's a long day of cumming ahead of her.
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