Open-Armed Suffering
Psychopathia Sexualis Perversions is now refereed to as BDSM, defined as Bondage & Discipline, Dominance & Submission, Sadism & Masochism. Here an allegory plays out in DEBRIS - Domination Enhanced Beyond Rule Induced Superiority between Master James as handler and slave #626-132-779. slave 779 belongs to another Master as sexual chattel in a smaller town, just an hour south. He is a kind man that benefits much from the teachings His slave receives at the training dungeons of Master James. A debris enslavement is especially for slaves with a strong masochistic affinity and 779, though just north of a half pint can real show the primal energy when invoke her masochism. Master James straps her to a chain half iron cross restraint to summon the painful ear piercing screams of pain and pleasure. Time stretches on and the pain continues follows by perverted pleasure.. This video is not for the light of heart, there is no kindness here except when it ends and with 779 using the vibrator on her cunt to ask permission to cum reciting her identifying slave number.

Extreme, BDSM, Spike Board, Painful Feet, Chain, Iron Half Cross, Painful Nipples, Nipple Claps, Head Harness, Ball Gag, Nipple Suction, Screaming, Female Desperation, pain and Pleasure, Asking Permission To Cum
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