There is no reason for us to spend our time gushing about Syren De Mer. She is a true professional when it comes to the submissive arts. This is a woman that we can treat to the most sadistic and elaborate ideas our perverted minds can come up with, and she won't just grin and bear it, she'll come begging for more. Syren spent a good portion of her life being the good, little girl that people expected. When she finally broke free and started exploring her sexuality she found out that the darkest corners of it were her favorite.

And here we have Matt Williams. The man knows how to make a woman moan. Or scream, if that is how he's feeling. In his hands everything can be used against her. Syren, of course, wants exactly that. She wants to be shackled upside-down so that her pussy can be flogged. She craves being whipped until the welts start to show. She needs to be vibrated until her mind explodes with orgasms, and then left i nthe darkened room, wondering when Matt is going to see fit to come back and use her again.
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