Bad Girl
Syren De Mar needs to be punished? She's not even sure what she's being punished for, but that doesn't matter to us, because we get to reap the benefits of her bad behavior. Matt Williams in particular gets to have a good time taking out some of the stress he's worked up this week out on her ass.

Matt has Syren down on her knees with her legs spread so that her pussy is pressed down hard against a narrow beam he has set up on the floor. He pulls a stocking down over her head and stuffs a cloth into her mouth, holding the gag in place with electrical tape. Then he takes the tape and blindfolds her with it.

Now that she can't speak and she can't see, it's time for Matt to leave his mark to remind her of how bad she's been. He bends her over and beats her ass harder than she's ever been beaten in her life. He uses a flogger and a paddle to pound it until the soft skin turns a deep purple and starts to puff up. Whatever it was she did must have been pretty bad to deserve being treated so harshly.
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