Danes in Pain part 1
After receiving a brutal beating at Paintoy, Kali Danes is all shades of fucked up. Exhausted and smiling, she seemed a bit aimless. Her flight home doesn't leave for another day and a half but she hasn't arranged any accommodations... so we do what any decent human being would do and invite her to stay with us in the Sensual Pain Bed, Breakfast and Bondage Inn. But like most everything in life, it comes with a price. Master James offers to let her work it off and she gladly obliges before her head hits the pillow. He wants her ready to work when she shows up for breakfast first thing in the morning.It became very clear that Kali's idea of work was vastly different than what we had in mind as she strolled in standing at 6'5" in 6" platform stilettos and looking more like a "working" girl. Master James thinks quick on His feet and straps a collar around her neck and chains her to the tether post. Heavy shackles bind her wrists behind her back and a rubber tubing gag to make sure she can't talk her way out of His plans for her. Now to alter her highly inappropriate work attire, Master James plays dangerously close to her most delicate parts with his razor sharp buck knife. Kali is put through a series of strenuous devices with the constant implementation of corporeal punishment from Master James, earning well over her due trade value. Looks like she will just have to come back soon for redemption.