Swept Away
Samantha Rone hardtied 2017-09-27 16.99 credits Buy Movie
Samantha Rone is the kind of pretty that you spend years pining after. She's the kind of girl you make plans to capture and keep in your basement. You'd never guess, but she'd be ever so pleased to be your prisoner. Behind those gorgeous blue eyes there's a kinky little freak. You can tell by that giant smile when OT slaps her hard across the face.

OT tapes Samantha's mouth shut. He loves her smile, but he needs to get down to business and her sweet little laugh is too distracting. Once OT has warmed her up with the flogger her cuts her panties off and plays with her beautiful cunt. She enjoys that just as much as she enjoys being hit.

Samantha loves bondage, but OT can only stand her enjoyment for a while. At some point he needs to see his women suffer. Samantha doesn't disappoint. With her feet pulled up painfully behind her and her hair pulled back she weeps openly. Sure enough they are the sweetest little tears you've ever seen.
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