Hurt So Good
Penny Barber has been known, in the past, for being a smart ass submissive who is always begging for more with her snarky comments. Matt Williams isn't interested in giving her a chance to start with her bullshit. He's got her straddling the horse from the second she's in his clutches. Her poor pussy is pressing down on a wooden corner, crushing her clit and she is not happy about it. Matt gags her before she has a chance to start using her charms.

By the time Matt frees her mouth again Penny is feeling a bit more compliant. She's locked down in wooden bondage with a sybian between her legs, so if she can be good she knows she is in for one of the most intense orgasms of her life. Of course, since she's so perfectly positioned for punishment Matt is going to take full advantage for a bit, but patience is a virtue, and Penny knows that if she suffers for a while it will pay off.
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