Fit To Be Tied 2
London River Jack Hammer hardtied 2015-12-23 16.99 credits Buy Movie
Holy hell, London River is flexible. She could probably have been a contortionist, but this brunette beauty decided she loved being in bondage so much she had to do it for a living. We are all better off for it, too, because finding a stunning piece of ass that can stand to be twisted into these intense positions is a rare treat.

Jack Hammer takes London's leg and ties it up all the way behind her head. Her thigh, calf, foot, and ass are all there for the caning, and there's only so much struggling she can do before she just falls over and exposes herself further. Suffering has its benefits. If she is good enough to take everything else Jack sends her way then there is the chance that he will throw in a few orgasms for her, too. When she isn't bound she likes to arch her back and thrash a bit whenever she gets off. With the rope around her she can't do either and it is all that much more intense when the ecstasy finally comes.
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