Sibling Rivalry
Skylar Snow infernalrestraints 2018-05-18 29.99 credits Buy Movie
Growing up, my twin sister and I always fought about who was cooler, who had the better clothes, who was prettier. As we got older we grew apart. She became more sexually adventurous and I became more rough and tumble. While she started wearing skimpy outfits I learned to play sports. We started to fight over who was tougher. Clearly I am, but the bimbo still thinks she can best me.

A friend of mine told me about this guy. They said he's kinda brutal. He'd test anyone's tolerances. It didn't hurt that he liked pretty girls. He started by separating us. As much as we fought we still love each other, but he wanted us to suffer by ourselves. It was the first torment.

Each torment broke us a little. Our bodies were in agony, but our minds were in ecstasy. It was difficult to comprehend what he was doing to us, but slowly he broke down our defenses. He molded us into pain sluts. Then his final act of torment cemented us as his property. He made us each cum so hard we squirted all over his floor. I'm sure I squirted more!
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