Strength and Endurance the Chain
Abigail Dupree sensualpain 2019-03-31 9.99 credits Buy Movie
Much of what Master James requires from His slave, calls for not only physical strength and pain tolerance, but more so, mental stamina. slave Abigail is put through a rigorous set of tests and training in this snip of a session that lasted over a couple hours . It is very evident that this slave would move mountains for her Master. Words really cannot express the powerful bond created within this exchange. The level of respect, trust and dedication is equally given and received. Abigail is foot bound in stocks and weighed down by a 30 lbs rusted chain around her neck and then whipped for motivational purposes as she struggles to eat her meal off the floor while receiving painful impacts from correctional implements like the cane, whip and crop. Her cries and moans echo in the dungeon as she struggles to lift her tired head from the floor, are enough to give that lazy slave you may be wanting to train, a good dose of "get up and go". Other parts of this training like the wooden perch and the inversion grid (not shown in this video) this slave is challenged with multiple mentally anguishing tests whilst undergoing a healthy number of physical challenges. Top quality slave material testing for your viewing pleasure.

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