The Agents Part 1
London River    
2019-01-02, 39 minutes, 2,048 megabytes, 1280x720 HD
Credits to buy this movie: 16.99 credits
London has been an agent in OT's organization for three and a half months. He calls her in to practice some bondage as a new interrogation technique. London is understandably skeptical, but agrees to try it, after all, it is a learning experience, and OT is her boss. Things start to get uncomfortable as OT ties London's hands above her head, and her suspicions continue to rise. She tries to convince OT that she's learned the technique and should be let down, however, OT has other plans. What London doesn't know is that OT has found her secret hidden phone, and now he must find where her loyalties lie.

OT removes the box she is standing on, leaving her suspended by her wrists, struggling in agony trying to convince him that she is a loyal part of the organization. After begging to be let down, and saying she is finally ready to talk, OT lets her down.

London thought that she was scot free now, but OT has other plans. Tied in a difficult hogtie suspension, he attaches binder clips to the soles of her feet. London is screaming and crying, and all he does is look on with a sadistic grin. OT then whips them off using a dragon tongue which only elicits sobbing and louder screams.

London next finds herself perched on a stool unable to move or shield her shaved pussy and delicate asshole. OT inserts an electric butt plug and proceeds to interrogate her on her alliances. Her insistance that she only works for him fall on deaf ears. OT is done with her lies.

London has been tied down to a table, a large dildo in her ass, and a vibrator directly on her clit. If that weren't enough, OT then staples her labia closed around the vibrator, turns it on, and begins the relentless pounding of her asshole with the fucking machine. He is over her, London's fate remains to be seen as her screams echo in the darkness.
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