Suburban Sex Fiends No. 2 - Jealous Roommate
Sierra Cirque     Endza Adair     Jack Hammer    
2017-07-07, 35 minutes, 2,048 megabytes, 1280x720 HD
Credits to buy this movie: 9.99 credits
When Sierra brought the new neighbor Jack Hammer up to her apartment to get to know him better, she wasn't ready for her slutty roommate Endza steal him away all for herself. Now Sierra doesn't want to see either one of them and lays on her bed pouting. It's up to Jack to make her feel better, and he pulls out some rope tricks, just what Sierra was hoping for but was too shy to ask . After being bound tightly in rope and with a buzzing hitachi applied to her pussy, Sierra forgets all about being upset with Endza and happily cums for her two tormentors.

Now that Endza has her shy roommate all worked up, she plans to make good use of Sierra and Jack. Sierra is only too happy to oblige and Jack finds out why these two roommates get along so well. Featuring rope bondage and hot girl-on-girl action.

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