A Painful Inversion
Abigail Dupree    
2018-08-05, 30 minutes, 1,552 megabytes, 1920x1080 Ultra4K
Credits to buy this movie: 14.99 credits
A Painful but interesting inverted suspension session. A sex slave has a specific purpose that can branch out to many responsibilities and duties. I have deliberately left the mundane out, though fundamentally, these duties are essential to the position of the slave. The prime focus I deliver on video and stills here are for entertainment and educational purposes. Members of sensualpain.com and the casual viewers will notice calculated extreme treatments in a sexual nature involving great deals of pain and pleasure. My dynamic with this slave is very broad and deep, but in a simple way. the experienced exchange is easy to see, as it pans out in this content.
This slave works her fate from her Master without preamble, but with conviction and determination as there is no other choice but to obey. You will notice that she puts here own bindings on and takes them off as instructed, slips into the torture device on her own propriety. A well trained and obedient slave.
In this scene it is no different as she is hoisted up by a spreader bar with block and tackle, legs wide with another spreader bar that attaches her arms and head. her full body weight in slings as she dangles in growing pain. Towards the end of what she can handle she is in tremendous agony. Master hears danger in her pleas, so decides to lets her down to be subject to yet more of what he does best... Debauchery and fuckery. Even though it was too much to endure, she did well
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