Birthday Wishes: Defile Me
Hazel Hypnotic    
2014-11-29, 53 minutes, 2,048 megabytes, 1280x720 HD
Credits to buy this movie: 18.99 credits
There is absolutely no end to the amount of punishment we can dish out to Hazel Hypnotic. “Hate me. Damage me. Defile me.” She's been saying the same thing since we started and as long as she keeps asking for it we will keep giving it to her. It's her birthday, and before we give her the cake we're going to have as much fun as we can with this party.

She has bruises everywhere. Her tits are crisscrossed with the thin red lines left by the single tail. Her ass has the fatter, blue-and-purple marks left by the canes. The marks cover her ass, her thighs, her back and chest. Each one is a present from one of our members, hand delivered by our crew. She will cherish them for as long as they last.
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