Aspiring Alexie 939
Alexie Starr Master James 2017-05-28 14.99 credits Buy Movie
This slave girl SLR #563-967-939 has never been whipped or even handled to the extent she has here with me in the dungeon at Sensual Pain Studio. Very new and she took the beating really quite well.

Alexie Starr has waited a painfully long amount of time to join U⁄us here at SensualPain, and Master James intends to give her an experience she won't soon forget. This curious kitten has done her homework but has never experienced the treachery she is about to endure first hand.
Alexie is fitted in a leather waist cincher and chest strap.. her wrists and neck are fitted in wooden stocks and with leather ankle cuffs her legs are made to be spread by a spreader bar. Not that she needed to be silenced at all but to get some drooling action, she was also fitted with a tight bit gag. Master James proceeded to hoist her up between the gallows by her wrists and down to the floor by her neck as she was poised over a perch bar at the waist as Master James took her through a thorough caning, flogging and paddling. - In the second scene we played a fun game with this kitten who was almost begging for a single tail whipping experience. Turns out Alexie was born for the single tail. Free standing between two chains dangling from the gallows, she held on and prepared herself for the crack and the sting of the whips...Only to let go of one or both of the chains to bring the pain to a halt. Striped and bruised is how Alexie left this dungeon and purring all the way home.
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