Kel Bowie hardtied 2017-04-05 16.99 credits Buy Movie
Matt Williams and Kel Bowie are sure to have a good time when left alone for a day. These guys are just two peas in a pod, they love all the same things: choking, rope, floggers, you name it! These two have a bond like few others in bondage.

Kel is on her knees tied up in a pretty blue dress at the start of their time. Her arms tied behind her and her neck rope tied to her wrist. Matt wants to start by tugging at that a bit, and you can see how much Kel loves it, just about moaning every time he pulls or releases his end. Once he gets her undressed the real fun begins, as he takes a flogger and pounds into her tits and pussy, drawing out yet more sighs and moans.

The sound effects are great and all, but sometimes Matt needs quiet to focus, so once he's removed Kel's lacy, white panties, he stuffs them in her mouth for a gag and tapes it shut. He moves Kel around, flogging and choking and vibrating her in different positions and different locations as he sees fit until you can see plainly in her face that she is worn all the way out. Tears in her eyes and bags under them, Kel's been plenty glad to be here.
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