[Archive] Strange Cargo
Rain DeGrey does a brisk trade in human flesh all across the galaxy. She's not so cruel as to sell her people by the pound, but sometimes they end up wishing that she had. Abigail Dupree is the next bit of cargo that she's hauling, en route to the auction block on some distant planet. Every girl that she sells needs to be top notch, prepared to pleasure whatever hideous monster is her new owner.

A lively little tentacle that is sharing the hold with her finds its way inside of Abigail. It's buried in her ass deeper than anyone thought possible before Rain notices and decides to give her a hand. If she can take something that deep inside of her then she may be able to fetch a nice price on the block. Rain just needs to make sure she can take it rough as well.

Abigail has never even been fucked with a strap on before, and Rain is a pro when it comes to pounding holes. She's going to give her the most brutal dicking of her life so far, but Rain is well aware that her cargo is destined to be poorly treated in whatever new home she is going to, so she had better get used to a bit of brutality.
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