Cuntwalk Part 3
Hazel Hypnotic realtimebondage 2013-07-20 24.99 credits Buy Movie
Hazel Hypnotic still proudly bears the words scrawled across her chest, "Damage Me". In spite of the obvious signs of tears, she is still smiling. Perhaps she fears that Wenona is about to take a more active role in this live feed. We'll get back to Hazel in a minute. She will face an ass hook, a caning and some time with good ol' Mr. Hitachi. But for just a moment we'll let Wenona be the focus of attention.

This is a preview of what will happen at Wenona's own live feed next month. She makes some promises that she will instantly regret. The worst is definitely the wasabi. Most people can barely deal with it in their mouths. What the hell made her think taking it up the nose was a good idea is beyond us.
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