779 Chair of Vulnerability
Abigail Annalee sensualpain 2017-06-04 39.99 credits Buy Movie
Introducing Abigail Annalee (slave #626-132-779) as she is restrained in the Chair of Vulnerability for degradation and humiliated for desensitization, to be put on the path to become a better sex slave. The Master Daddy of Sex slave Abigail Annalee (slave #626-132-779) wants her trained proper so is given to Master James at Sensual Pain Studios for a few days for real sadomasochistic training. After a night in the box, she is placed in the 'Chair of Vulnerability' for a spell. At the end of this session, she is put back in the 'sensory deprivation box' for the night, for further her training tomorrow.

The main focus here at the Sensual Pain Studios dungeon, is the device bondage in the flavor of the dark sadomasochism style that has been extended from the European and Germanic societies BDSM dungeon type scene interested countries are Austria, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Japan, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and the United States. Extreme Productions LLC, Sensualpain.com

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