Two Days of Torment
It's two days of torment for Sarah Jane Ceylon. Her skin is pale enough that the marks from my whip show within seconds, but they will last a hell of a lot longer than that. Most girls scream for mercy, but the moans coming out of Sarah Jane tell me she's begging for more.

She's dripping wet when I set up the hitachi on her clit and she is already cumming by the time I push the dildo deep inside of her. She is having the time of her life being whipped through the most intense orgasms she has ever experienced. And that's just day one.

The next day she is so excited for more that she is already experimenting with the tools before I even show up. She is going to spend some time with the ass hook, whether she feels like she can handle it or not. And even after her messy little accident she wants more and I give it to her.
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