Crybaby Part 3
Oh, baby, here come the water works. Mercy West is beaten, broken, and begging for it all to stop. She thought she could handle the intensity of a live feed but she wasn't even close to ready. We have a few of our meaner mind games lined up for her during this last bit, and of course, no show is complete without a grand finale.

The Numbers Game is an old favorite with a new twist. Mercy feels the blow of a cane that leaves her shrieking with tears streaming down her face. She's told that on a scale of one to ten the intensity was only a 6. Her job is to ask for each level, in any order she wants, without repeating any of them. Will she take them in order, from 1-10? Will she decide to count backward? Or is she going to do the smart thing and try to pace herself, mixing it up a bit? It doesn't really matter how she plays, in the end our viewers are the real winners.
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