Jessica 3000
Eden Sin infernalrestraints 2017-11-24 19.99 credits Buy Movie
The experiment was largely sexual in nature. Restraints are necessary due to the intensity of the procedure. Once Eden is locked down she begins to question her decision to sign up for the Jessica 3000 experiment. To be fair she hadn't done any research on what she'd be getting into.

The dick gag down her throat and the pear of anguish in her ass begins to give her an idea of what she is in for. The drool drips from her face and she's pulled by her asshole to the floor into a horrific squatting position. She nearly drowns in her own spit.

Each phase of the experiment gets worse. She's made to bend over and suck on a cock deep in her throat while she's fucked from behind. Her thumbs are pulled high above her while she's gagged and whipped.

The final phase of the experiment is where the real action happens. Large metal rods skewer her body through her ass and out her mouth. The drool and tears drain from her face. When the electric wires are attached our new Jessica 3000 begins to panic!
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