White Trash Part 3
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Alice has been through quite a bit. She continues by putting on ballet boots. They go all the way up to her knees and the heels are so tall they make her lean forward. Once they are laced up she's pulled up into a strappado. With her limited ability to stand properly the position is intense. Then she's whipped to tears. Her tiny body shakes and she sobs.

The face slaps come fast and hard. Her sobs turn to laughs of joy. Then moans of lust. Once she's let down she gets to choose the position she is going to be caned in. The fear overwhelms her and she requests the members tell her jokes. They make her laugh before she gets her ass beat! The strokes are hard and unrelenting. She cries, but she's having so much fun. Then she get an orgasm while she's being choked. She gets to spank her decoration and then she gets punished for missing her flight. All in a days work for Alice. Is it really work for her though? She's having too much fun!
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