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Masturbate with me - Lovi Butt Toys is a succession of videos showing the anal sex slave in training, in full use by the Lord⁄Mistress furthermore to those the chattel are rented to, in or out of a D⁄S relationship. Mutual Masturbation Encouraged. Watch anal sex slave Abigail Dupree fuck her perfect ass, her butthole is always insatiable, hungry to be filled. A trained female slut, greedy to be told how you like it done. What kind of perversion will you require of her?

The male 2HS, female 3HS or transgender sex slaves are human chattel indentured to the supremacy of their Lord or Mistress. The term "slave" is often used very generally for the subjugated part of a D ⁄ S relationship. The basis for the practice of BDSM is that it is principally practiced by mature partners, voluntarily and by mutual agreement under the English term "safe, sane and consensual", (SSC). Sex slaves are human chattel. DEBRIS = domination enhanced beyond rule induced superiority training enforced.

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