Eighteen and Curious
Billy Nyx is as fresh as they come. Barely over 18, she doesn't have the kind of experience most girls do when they make it to our dungeon. She probably thought she was just going to dip her toes into the BDSM pool, but working with Matt Williams means diving in, head first.

He's got her locked to a wooden pole in the middle of the room, with her arms stretched above her head and her legs spread wide across the horse. From here he can torment her tits, her face, or her pussy however he wants. The locks for her arms are extra useful. When Matt turns her around they let him lock her arms into a tough strappado so that he can flog her ass and pussy.

Her poor, tender nipples are going to bear most of the pain today. Suction cups, weighted clamps, and a harsh whipping all focus on her beautiful breasts. Her ass gets attention, too, especially when the hook comes into play, but it is the poor girl's tits that are the top target.

Billy is a screamer. She hasn't had the time to get used to the way rough discipline feels. But that doesn't mean that she doesn't love the pain. When Matt gives her the chance to cum she jumps at it. Nothing can keep her cunt from exploding with the orgasms.
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