Split Decisions
Toys wear out. Players are always good to go. Karmen Karma is the first fun, little thing that Jack Hammer is going to play with. He goes hard on her right away, putting her into tight rope bondage and then giving her some time with the Hitachi. It loosens her up a bit so that when he stands her up she isn't expecting the corporal punishment that comes next. She figured that orgasms would come last and she was home free. Not the case. As soon as she was done getting off the cane come out and it was Jack's turn to have fun.

Wenona is his bondage doll for round two. She patiently waited her turn and for that she's going to be rewarded with a harsher version of the same treatment Karmen took. She gets to cum nice and hard before Jack has her doing a split so his cane can caress the insides of her thighs in its own special way. Just like Karmen, Wenona is completely unprepared for it but that doesn't mean that she won't enjoy the pain.
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