Too Much
Tia Ling hardtied 2020-08-26 16.99 credits Buy Movie
Tia ling is just one more casualty of Sister Dee and PD's cruelty. They pass her back and forth. He makes her suck his cock while she hurts her. When they aren't satisfied with her sucking ability they add a huge ring gag to her mouth.

He's not just interested in her face hole though. They hunch Tia over and he enters her from behind. In this position Tia's tits look perfect for some clothes pins. Sister Dee is happy to put those on to make Tia scream a little.

With Tia on her back her pussy is completely exposed. There is no better position to torment her cunt. The vibrator is so intense that Tia squirms even though the position is really scary.
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