Stomach Punching Until you Pee
Abigail Dupree Punches Naked Jessica Kay in the stomach repeatedly causing her to yell out in pain, cry and almost puke. Beating the abdomen repeatedly again and again till she is laying on the floor in pain and has to pee. There is just something incredibly erotic about girl-girl Stomach Punching.

If you clicked on this video, I think you are or will be a fan of abdominal Stomach Punching. Getting punched in the gut is one of the most painful things that can happen, but it can be the most erotic for some. Receiving pain from someone in a relatively unprotected areas of the body is giving power to someone to hurt you. Your stomach is very vulnerable, and trust is paramount.

Giving painful belly punches;
The Spot most effective for abdomen fist punching, kneeing or kicks is just below the navel with a deep rhythmic force. If you give this pain, you should receive it as well to understand the right place.

This erotic fetish observed from the bottom;
I feel it is an intimate experience from a dominant person, the feeling of someone's fist sink into my belly as the resulting pain fills my abdominal cavity with such an exhilarating and erotic pain. I love the arousal and the lower belly erotic pain when fist punched, kneed or kicked deep into my belly close to my spine and downward to my pelvis. I feel my intestines pushing on my butt and pussy from the inside, There's a slight ache to them afterwards but no damage. When done at the right pace, I can even let the punches breath for me. It becomes very erotic and I feel so submissive.

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