Contradicting Slut
Zayda J hardtied 2012-08-15 16.99 credits Buy Movie
Zayda J is trying to tease Elise Graves. It's not obvious at first but if you listen to her contradictions it will dawn on you. "I like rough play, and being slapped around," she said, but then talked about how she doesn't like pain. She says her favorite bondage moment is cumming and squirting but as soon as Elise starts to vibrate her she complains about how intense it feels.

When someone plays games like that they are just asking to get hurt. Zayda doesn't realize how dangerous frustrating Elise can be. Elise is going to play her games, she is going to play rough, but the more Zayda tries to struggle or resist the more likely Elise is to take things to the next level.
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